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Don’t Sleep On: Gryffin

Posted on October 4, 2016

We continue our weekly “Don’t Sleep On” series today with an installment dedicated to one of the most celebrated up and comers in electronic dance music circuit, GRYFFIN!

With less than two years of experience in the scene, Gryffin’s rapid rise to fame and recognition is a truly inspiring one. He began his musical journey as a classically trained pianist, later picking up the guitar on his own in order to broaden his horizons and participate in numerous live bands. It wasn’t until he attended the University of Southern California that he started to dip his toes into the world of music production.

It was here that Gryffin refined his skills and dedicated more focus to the craft. He said that at first, his only impetus to make beats was so that his friends would play them out at college parties. Soon, however, he found the appeal surrounding his music to be far more impactful.

He created several of 2015’s most notorious remixes, including ones for Maroon 5’s “Animals,” Tove Lo’s “Talking Body,” and Years and Years’ “Desire.” His unique style and flawless production methods carried his tunes to the top of Hype Machine many times, cementing over 100 million collective plays on his body of work.

Gryffin made his live show debut at Snowglobe 2015, where fans were finally able to put a face to the relentlessly powerful beats that they’d had on rotation for months prior. Featuring live guitar, keyboard, drum pads and more, the show was unlike anything fans could have imagined. The buzz that followed allowed Gryffin to embark on his first live tour to several sold out venues around the country.

Since the tour, Gryffin has released two stunning original tracks, “Heading Home” and “Whole Heart,” the first of which instantaneously reaching the No. 1 position on Spotify’s Viral 50 chart.

As 2016 continues and Gryffin climbs ever higher, fans of blissful future and house productions will find welcome refuge during his performance at Freaky Deaky on Halloween weekend.

** Freaky Deaky’s “Don’t Sleep On” series features up-and-coming artists for fans to familiarize themselves with before the festival. **