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Don’t Sleep On: Team EZY

Posted on October 12, 2016

This week’s edition of the “Don’t Sleep On” series comes as the very last feature on upcoming acts to catch at Freaky Deaky before Halloween weekend. To end with a bang, we’ve decided to highlight the epic and quickly expanding timeline of Los Angeles native and master of production diversity, TEAM EZY!

After growing up sampling his parents’ vinyl records and making beats on an MPC, Drew Gold moved to college in Denver and became acquainted with the work of hip hop and electronic mainstays Bonobo, Pretty Lights and The Glitch Mob. He purchased a copy of Ableton 5, moved back to Los Angeles, and began to teach himself the ins and outs of music production and DJing.

In 2011, while Skrillex was just starting his acclaimed Mothership tour, Gold received a call from several of his friends who were working as designers for the 3D projection mapping and motion capture technology-laden show. Without knowing where the opportunity would take him, he hopped on a plane and joined Skrillex and the team on the road as a direct contributor to the tour.

He became close with Sonny Moore over the course of the tour, often meeting up to swap tracks and discuss aspects of the show. When it ended, however, Moore informed him that there would no longer be a motion capture position available for him. Regardless, Skrillex wanted to keep him close while on the road as his creative/tech right hand man. The transition was easy, Gold said, and he quickly became an important A&R contributor for Skrillex’s associated label OWSLA, finding such massive artists as Marshmello and Wiwek to add to the roster.

His debut record, “Pretty Bye Bye,” was a soft and meaningful collaboration with Skrillex himself, coming as a culmination of the two’s friendship and mutual tastes. After finally breaking into the public’s view, Gold followed it up with a more powerful and driven collaboration with ex-Kanye producer Graves, as well as an official remix of dubstep kingpin Kill the Noise’s “All In My Head.”

Now, Team EZY sits at the precipice of mainstream recognition. His catalogue of unique and ever-evolving productions is growing slowly but surely, each release coming as even more defining and memorable than the last. For fans and prospective first-timers alike, his Sunday set at Freaky Deaky isn’t one to be missed!

** Freaky Deaky’s “Don’t Sleep On” series features up-and-coming artists for fans to familiarize themselves with before the festival. **